Development and Product

  • Upgraded the Polkadot API.
  • Fixed the problem of accumulator contract.
  • Upgraded Redspot to support ink! rc6.
  • Added the release parameter to the build command.
  • Bifrost: v0.9.2, v0.9.3, v0.9.4, v0.9.6.
  • NodleCode: v2.0.11, v2.0.12.
  • Moonbeam: v0.13.2, v0.14.0.
  • Karura: v1.5.0, v1.5.1…

Development and Product

  • Released Redspot 0.12.2 version.
  • upgraded Polkadot.JS and module files.
  • Fixed the bug about multi-contract deployment to obtain contract Wasm hash.
  • Followed up on the changes of pallet-contracts.
  • Fixed the endowment problem of the delegator contract example.
  • Elara v2.0 has been released and has been replaced…

Work of Council



  • Daily maintenance, repaired the domain name problem of the official website.
  • Refactored Redspot documentation and examples, view for details.


  • Completed Elara 2.0 Requirements design.
  • The server intranet of Elara 2.0 has entered…

Patract| Wasm Contract Open Platform

Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot.

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