Development and Product

#Redspot(Contract Dev Scaffold)

  • Upgraded the Polkadot API.
  • Fixed the problem of accumulator contract.
  • Upgraded Redspot to support ink! rc6.
  • Added the release parameter to the build command.

#Elara(API Service)

Completed the upgrade of the following nodes:

  • Bifrost: v0.9.2, v0.9.3, v0.9.4, v0.9.6.
  • NodleCode: v2.0.11, v2.0.12.
  • Moonbeam: v0.13.2, v0.14.0.
  • Karura: v1.5.0, v1.5.1…

At the recently concluded 2021 Sub0 online conference, CryptoJedi, Head of Education at Patract Labs, focused on the topic of ‘Wasm Smart Contracts on Patract Labs’, demonstrating how developers can use Patract Labs’ development tools Redspot (contract development scaffolding), Metis (Wasm (contract standard library) and Europa (local test development node)…

Development and Product

Redspot(Contract Dev Scaffold)

  • Released Redspot 0.12.2 version.
  • upgraded Polkadot.JS and module files.
  • Fixed the bug about multi-contract deployment to obtain contract Wasm hash.
  • Followed up on the changes of pallet-contracts.
  • Fixed the endowment problem of the delegator contract example.

Elara(API Service)

  • Elara v2.0 has been released and has been replaced…

Patract| Wasm Contract Open Platform

Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot.

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