We are happy to announce that Crust Network will cooperate with Patract Labs and will integrate Wasm development tools and decentralized storage networks to support Web3 developers to easily deploy their DApps and websites.

Through this cooperation, Patract Labs will store the front-end data of Open Platform to http://crust-open.patract.io, and store the front-end data of PatraStore DApp to http://crust.patrastore.io. The Crust decentralized network supports the verification of meaningful data, so that the data can be efficiently and safely accessed and processed with low costs.

At the same time, Crust will officially join Patract Open Platform as an infrastructure service provider…

Work of Council

  • Voted aye for Polkadot Treasury Proposal #50 , regarding the operating costs of the Polkadot Ecosystem Research Institute in April.
  • Voted aye for Kusama Treasury Proposal #292 , regarding the Kusama Runtime upgrade to v9010.




  • Developed redspot-explorer’s compiling contract function.
  • Developed the console function of redspot-explorer.
  • Added message parsing function.



  • Completed metadata.json to generate type support objects.
  • Refactored part of the code.


  • Passed the test of accessing basic data types in StorableArray’s Pack/Spread storage mode.
  • StorableMap’s Pack/Spread storage has passed the test of other basic data types except ScaleString.


Started the development of Europa UI interface, completed…

Recently, NFTMart officially announced to join the Patract Open Platform, and they are about to integrate Wasm contract function with Patract’s tool suite.

NFTMart is based on the Substrate Runtime layer. Considering that NFTMart has great potential for development in the future, they are about to open their contract layer to establish a rich NFT application ecosystem, support a large number of NFT applications to access rapidly and ensure the stability and reliability of the network. …

Open Platform website is coming

Patract Open Platform (POP for short) was initiated by Patract Labs and jointly established by dozens of Polkadot projects as an open Polkadot Wasm contract technology alliance. The founding members are: Patract Labs, Acala, Apron, Coinversation, Manta, Litentry, OpenSquare, Plasm, Bifrost, SubDAO, Standard, Zenlink, Clover, Mathchain, Phala and Media members: PolkaWorldPolkaProject8BTC、OneBlock+.

The goal of Patract Open Platform is to promote the large-scale popularization of Wasm contract technology in the Polkadot ecosystem. In response, Patract Labs officially launched the alliance official website of the Patract Open Platformhttps://open.patract.io), bringing together excellent parachains or application teams in the Polkadot ecosystem that who are…

We are excited to announce: Phala has expanded its strategic partnership with Patract Labs, the Wasm smart contract open platform for Polkadot. Together, we’ll work to implement Wasm confidential contracts in the Polkadot ecosystem.

In addition, Phala will join the Patract Open Platform and contribute to the development of Wasm contract technology alongside dozens of other platform members.

Phala will work to promote Wasm contracts as the main conduit for confidential contracts. We will introduce Patract’s development tool, Redspot, to developers to drive more effective and user-friendly development, testing, and implementation of contracts. We have already demonstrated the product-level usability…

Development and Products


  • Completed the application of Redspot v0.4 proposal, and help completed the Redspot v0.3 review.
  • Implemented the v0.4 proposal in the middle of this month, Docker compilation, chain types, multi-contract compilation control, file watcher.
  • Developed the Redspot browser UI interface. It is expected that 80% of the functions in Redspot v0.4 have been completed.



Designed and implemented the StorableMap class, self-enumerable Map storage,and the StorableArray class, refactored the Storage part, and completed the implementation of the @packed annotation. Fixed bugs in the implementation of @event.


All compiled extension codes are migrated to Ask! , completely isolated from ASC; the…

Work of Council

  • Voted aye for Kusama Treasury Proposal #89 , regarding the operation and maintenance costs of the Stylo wallet.



  • Completed the Redspot-Watcher plugin.
  • Completed Redspot’s function of signing with Polkadot Extension
  • Completed the main functions of Redspot Web UI, which greatly reduces the developer threshold.
  • Completed 85% of the work in the RedSport v0.4 plan.



  • Refactor part of the code extension logic.
  • Continue to develop and use Json to generate metadata.json.


  • Completed the auxiliary method and Pack mode access of StorableArray.
  • Refactor Storage to realize reuse of Storage instances.


Fixed the problem of Wasm NameSection parsing failure last week…

This Thursday night, the Privacy On Polkadot online speech event initiated by ZKValidator was hosted by the founder of Patract — Lipeng Yue, the co-founder of Automata Network — Deli Gong, and the co-founder of Phala Network — Marvin Tong, the co-founder of Manta Network — Shumo Chu, the co-founder of zCloak Network — Zhang Xiao, etc. participated in privacy projects in the Polkadot ecosystem.

With the development of the Wasm contract ecosystem and the continuous improvement of the underlying facilities, more and more Polkadot parachains and DApp developers have paid attention to Wasm contracts. Wasm contracts are developed by using chain-level language Rust or AssemblyScript. The deployment and operation costs are very low, and they can get more imagination than the Ethereum EVM contract. MathChain is keenly aware of the trend of Wasm contract technology innovation and joins Patract Open Platform.

MathChain is a Layer 2 blockchain project based on Substrate. It is committed to lower the threshold for massive users to enter the…

Recently, the smart contract platform Clover announced to join Patract Open Platform and partnered with Polkadot Wasm contract technology lab — Patract to jointly promote the Wasm contract technology in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Clover supports Ethereum projects and developers to migrate their contracts to Polkadot seamlessly. They can run EVM contracts with minimal changes, and combine the Consensys tool suite to quickly copy DApps and deploy them to Clover.

With the gradual development and improvement of the Wasm contract ecosystem and underlying facilities, Clover is very optimistic about the Wasm contract technology, which is very efficient in terms of speed…

Patract| Wasm Contract Open Platform

Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot.

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