Patract announces open platform strategy, and will soon launch PatraStore

An open platform for Wasm contract ecosystem

Patract is a Wasm contract open platform in the Polkadot ecosystem. We will start the system parachain for the Wasm contract to improve the full set of our technologies, and then help other parachains to enable Wasm contract capability. Patract will not adopt a similar model to iOS to maintain a single self-operated parachain. Instead, we will follow Google’s Android open strategy and combine the power of all the community parachains to rapidly increase the popularity of Wasm contracts, because our target is to defeat EVM contracts, not to compete with other parachains.

The Patract team focuses on creating a full suite of Wasm contract support capabilities, including an on-chain running environment, contract development languages, development tool suite, DApp front-end support, etc. Later, with the help of the unique functions and operating capabilities of the community parachains, our full set of technologies will be exported to the entire parachain ecosystem. Patract won’t issue new coins but will be funded by the Polkadot/Kusama Treasury and the transaction fees collected from the contract module in every parachains to support our development.

Wasm contract advantages

Wasm contract module is a new advanced smart contract technology developed by Parity. Compared with Ethereum’s EVM contract, it has higher performance and supports the use of high-level languages ​​(Rust, C++, AssemblyScript, etc.) to write more complex business logic. At the same time, relying on the upcoming Polkadot ecosystem, Wasm contracts will eventually surpass EVM contracts and become the inevitable direction of future contract technology evolution, even Substrate also supports EVM and other contract technologies.

Parity mainly focuses on the development of the most important contract running environment (FRAME Contracts) and the Rust-based ink! e-DSL. In the past six months, Patract has been supported by 10 Treasury proposals to complement the surrounding key development tools, services, and running environment support: including Ask! e-DSL (based on AssemblyScript), Megaclite (ZKP supports), Redspot (development scaffold), Europa (sandbox environment), Elara (API service), Himalia (multi-language SDKs ), etc. At the same time, we will release PatraStore (DApp Store) soon, and we will continue the development of PatraScan (contract parachain explorer), Metis (contract standard library ), Leda (contract monitoring platform), and Carpo (cloud IDE).

Patract focuses on the complete contract development process: Develop-Debug-Test-Deploy, design corresponding tools for each step, and assist contract developers to develop contracts more easily.

Compared with Polkadot parachain development, contract development does not require to auction a slot, no need to understand the Substrate technology, and at the same time, it can directly obtain the composability of millions of contract applications within the contract parachain without having to interact with other parachain applications through cross-chain message passing. The real superiority of Substrate lies in the development of various platforms through the innovation of the underlying technology and the chain model, rather than carrying a single application. This type of platform technology includes smart contracts, privacy, storage, messaging, cross-chain bridges, etc., and smart contracts are the most important technical element because they can carry business logic and programmable assets. The contract chain naturally supports the dynamic real-time deployment of contract applications, while the single-application parachain can only slowly accept community developers through centralized review and on-chain governance.

DApp Store: PatraStore Preview

Through the research of the existing DApps in the Ethereum ecosystem, Patract found the following problems and formed the idea of ​​developing a new type of DApp store to improve the experience of users and developers. Let us briefly think about the following questions, and stay tuned for the PatraStore improvement plan that will be launched next week.

  • Thinking 1: Except for the developer’s attempts to develop and deploy contracts on various contract platforms in the Polkadot ecosystem, whether it’s EVM or Wasm contracts, do end users have really seen any intractable Polkadot DApps?
  • Thinking 2: The current model of DApps on the PC side is an independent website domain. Users need to connect various wallets for each DApp, and only one account can be displayed at a time. Is this operation mode obsolete and can it satisfy Polkadot? What are the experience requirements for multi-accounts in a multi-chain environment?
  • Thinking 3: The DApp store in the Ethereum ecosystem can only display static information and statistical ranking. Users still need to jump to the independent website of the DApp for operation, and the DApp can be released independently without publishing on any store. How to improve the DApp store unity to enhance the experience of developers and users?

At the same time, welcome to pay attention to the Polkadot official Hackathon event organized by ParityAsia, which has been open for registration. Patract has set up additional rewards for Wasm contract projects.

How to join

  • For contract developers, you can visit our Developer Center ( to get familiar with the current running testnet and tool suite, and welcome to join the official development group
  • For parachain project owners, if you need Wasm contract support and can provide special complementary functions, please contact
  • For users, welcome to join the official Telegram group:, or follow the official Twitter: @patractlabs
  • For job seekers, we are hiring a Substrate chain developer, Wasm developer, contract developer and auditor, front-end developer, project manager, product manager, operation manager, UI designer, and other positions. You can contact




Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot.

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Patract| Wasm Contract Open Platform

Patract| Wasm Contract Open Platform

Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot.

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