Patract Monthly Report, September

Development and Product

Redspot(Contract Dev Scaffold)

  • Released Redspot 0.12.2 version.
  • upgraded Polkadot.JS and module files.
  • Fixed the bug about multi-contract deployment to obtain contract Wasm hash.
  • Followed up on the changes of pallet-contracts.
  • Fixed the endowment problem of the delegator contract example.

Elara(API Service)

  • Elara v2.0 has been released and has been replaced with a new version in It is recommended that users or developers update as soon as possible.
  • Fixed some bugs in Elara v2.0, and gradually enabled the Elara-KV system on Elara v2.0. After enabling the Elara-KV system, Elara’s load capacity will be greatly increased.

Europa(Sandbox Environment)

  • Released Europa v0.3.4 and v0.3.5 including v0.3.4 supports the stable seal_debug_message and v0.3.5 sets the rent parameter to 0, which simulates the pallet-contracts of the rent function version.
  • Developers who use the ink-rc5 version are recommended to use v0.3.4 and later versions.

Ask! (AssemblyScript e-DSL)

  • Completed Ask! to generate the event.
  • Start to develop the Ask! storage design.
  • Written the guidance document and completed the quickstart part.

Jupiter(Contract Testnet)

  • Both the Jupiter testnet and the Jupiter parachain are operating normally.

Parascan(Contract Explorer)

  • Refactored the handler part of the scanner (chain/account/tips/bounty/treasury).
  • Repaired account multisig.
  • Added council, technical committee, democracy module API.
  • Repaired archive and scanner block roll back problem.

Metis(Contract Library)

  • Completed the development of Metis M1 and passed the review.
  • Released the introduction document.
  • In the PatraShare sharing, Metis was used to introduce a number of rich development cases.

Community and Activities

  • On September 1, PatraShare Issue 11, Patract CTO-Aten shared the topic of ink! Development Practice-ERC20 of Combinatorial Paradigm (Metis) to describe how to use the Metis Contract Standard in the context of the description of the composite paradigm.
  • On September 15, PatraShare Issue 12, Patract CTO-Aten shared more ways to use the Metis contract standard library through ink! Development Practice-ERC21 and Receiver Of Combinatorial Paradigm (Metis).
  • On September 17, Patract CTO-Aten has been invited as a guest on a technical sharing session called How to use ink! Development for Web3.0 Bootcamp members.

Work of Council

  • Voted aye for motion #69 in Polkadot Council, regarding guide to Polkadot-JS UX/UI Improvements and Ongoing Maintenance Proposal.
  • Voted aye for motion #68 in Polkadot Council, regarding the infrastructure costs of Subscan for Polkadot network from June 2021 to August 2021.
  • Voted aye for motion #67 in Polkadot Council, regarding the construction costs of Polkadot Spanish Education Center.
  • Voted aye for motion #66 in Polkadot Council, regarding the operating cost for the nonprofit organization Polkadot Ecology Research Institute.
  • Voted aye for motion #65 in Polkadot Council, regarding the expenses for Lumos Labs to launch Indian incubators and evangelists hiring.

About Patract Labs

Patract Labs is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot. We help the community to design and develop on-chain contract modules and Runtime support, and provide DApp developers with full-stack tools and services support, covering development, testing, debugging, deployment, monitoring, data provider and front-end development stages.

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