t3rn Joins Patract Open Platform

Why t3rn joined the Wasm Contract Alliance

  • Open source tools — Patract Labs has developed a series of free and open source products of tools.
  • Backend services — Patract Labs has also developed some closed source products of backend services and offers priority of integration with these tools to Alliance members.
  • Documentation — Patract Labs offers technical documents to help developers quickly get started with Wasm contracts and convert developers of Solidity and other technologies
  • Tech discussions — Discuss public technical issues in our ecosystem and decide solutions
  • Tech feedback — Jointly give feedback about the experience of contract model, contract language, and development tools to Parity Tech.
  • Contract standards — Considering their own product requirements, jointly define Wasm contract standards and implementation
  • Media support — Summaries of members’ development progress and news trends, and promotion through platform media members.

What is t3rn?

What is Wasm?

About Patract Labs



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