t3rn has become the latest member of the pioneering Patract Open Platform (Wasm Contract Alliance). The alliance is run by Patract Labs, a community focused initiative that is a longstanding member of the Councils of both Polkadot and Kusama and is funded by a total of 13 Treasury proposals.

Current members of the Polkadot Wasm Contract Alliance include some of the foremost projects in the Polkadot ecosystem, including Acala, Manta, Plasm, Phala and many more.

Why t3rn joined the Wasm Contract Alliance

Since the inception of t3rn, Wasm has been at the forefront of the project’s offerings, t3rn being able to bring interoperability to any smart contract…

Work of Council

  • Vote aye for Polkadot council’s #51 spending proposal , regarding the production cost of Figment Learn.
  • Vote aye for Polkadot council’s #92 spending proposal , regarding the development costs of VLN regarding Sube v1.0.



Daily maintenance, follow up issues.



  • Completed the developer page and block details page
  • Refactored the code, improved the logic, and the page style.


  • Completed the function of using tracing to record state changes.
  • Completed the process of parse the trace.


Added support for Statemine and Westmint nodes.


  • Completed direct connection logic, basic gateway service.
  • Written related basic tests.
  • Ran basic stress test, designed…

Work of Council

  • Vote aye for a series of Kusama Council’s motion on Statemine.
  • Vote aye for the Kusama Treasury’s #92 spending proposal, regarding the development of the lightweight Substrate transaction signature tool Sube v1.0.
  • Voted nay for the Polkadot Treasury #2 bounty spending proposal because it is an anonymous malicious proposal and has no substance.



  • Completed v0.4 review.
  • Modified examples, and now you can install local dependency for development.


  • The report of v0.2 has been improved, and the development tasks of v0.3 have been preliminarily determined.
  • Fixed the bugs in the v0.2 self-test process and improved some features. Released the v0.2 Ask!

In May, Polkadot projects Crust Network, NFTMart, Cycan Network, and Polkadot medium communities Polka.Warriors, DotMarketCap, BML formally announced to join the Patract Open Platform (POP for short, Wasm Contract Technology Alliance) to jointly build the Wasm contract ecosystem.

Until now, 18 high-quality Polkadot ecosystem projects and 7 Polkadot media communities have joined the Patract Open Platform. It mainly covers Polkadot infrastructures, parachains, DApp applications, and media communities. Founding members include: PatractAcalaApronCoinversationMantaLitentryOpenSquarePlasmBifrostSubDAOStandardZenlinkCloverMathchainPhalaPolkaWorldPolkaProject8BTCOne Block+.

As Gavin Wood said, WebAssembly is the future of smart contracts. The New project members are also optimistic about the technical trends of Wasm contracts. …

Development and Products


  • Added sudo and Message parsing functions on Docker.
  • Optimized the redspot-explorer code to query all contracts.
  • Developed Redspot-Explorer’s compilation contract and Console function.
  • The main function of v0.4 has been added, and a v0.4 report has been written.
  • Fixed bugs and adapted to the latest Polkadot version. Released a stable version of Redspot.


  • Completed all the development of Ask! v0.2 and written the v0.2 report.
  • Prepared the v0.3 proposal of Ask!.


  • Started the development of Europa UI interface, completed the block browsing and account management functions.
  • Combined the latest changes from Substrate.
  • Europa-UI: Completed contract and CodeHash related functions, including…



  • Written v0.4 documentation.
  • Fixed bugs and adapt to the latest Polkadot version. Released a stable version of Redspot.


Completed all the development of the Ask! v0.2 and the v0.2 report is being written.


Europa-UI: Completed contract and CodeHash related functions, including contract and ABI upload, browse, display, and call contract methods, etc.



  • Updated to polkadot-v0.9.3.
  • Extracted the main_storages from the block table and formed a separate table.


  • Verified the main storage changes of the block via WebSocket RPC. …

Recently, Cycan Network partners with Patract Labs and officially announces to join Patract Open Platform, to jointly promote the construction of public infrastructure and contract technology evolution to develop the Wasm contract ecosystem.

Now Cycan has achieved certain results in the deployment of Wasm contracts. Among them, Cycan’s ELC project is developed based on the ink! framework of Polkadot ecosystem, a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin project composed of multiple contracts.

Quote from Cycan


The core development contributor from Cycan, Leo said that the design needs to use an external swap function in the ELC contract. After analyzing and comparing the…



  • Added sudo function on Docker.
  • Optimized the redspot-explorer code and checked all contracts.
  • Written redspot 0.4 report.



  • Regenerated Event extension.
  • Completed part of the integrated joint debugging test.
  • Refactored part of the contract conversion logic code.


  • Completed the sample contract erc20/erc721.
  • Joint testing is in progress.


  • Combined the latest changes from Substrate.
  • Europa-UI: Completed the transaction details pages, account-related transaction pages, and written account management pages.



Updated substrate to depend on polkadot-v0.9.1. View for details.



Yesterday, the Substrate Seminar initiated by Parity Tech was hosted by Patract CTO Aten to introduce the full-stack tools being built to power Wasm smart contract development for Substrate based chains.

View for this wonderful video playback:https://www.crowdcast.io/e/substrate-seminar/39

Here is the share from Patract CTO — — Aten.

Hi everyone, we are the Patract Labs, and I’m the technical leader from the team. You can call me Aten. It is a great honor to share the work we have done on WASM in the Polkadot ecosystem. First, let’s introduce Patract Labs briefly. Patract is a Tech Lab, building WASM smart contract…

We are happy to announce that Crust Network will cooperate with Patract Labs and will integrate Wasm development tools and decentralized storage networks to support Web3 developers to easily deploy their DApps and websites.

Through this cooperation, Patract Labs will store the front-end data of Open Platform to http://crust.open.patract.io, and store the front-end data of PatraStore DApp to http://crust.patrastore.io. The Crust decentralized network supports the verification of meaningful data, so that the data can be efficiently and safely accessed and processed with low costs.

At the same time, Crust will officially join Patract Open Platform as an infrastructure service provider…

Patract| Wasm Contract Open Platform

Patract is providing solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot.

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